remember webcliques?

They were cool! Well, they weren't. They were largely pointless, and some of them were mad crazy elitist, but it was fun to join 'em. So why not indulge in some neo-fin-de-siecle (1996 to 2004, yo) nostalgia and join some once again? Come on, it'll be nifty. Well. Maybe not. Might be fun, though! (And I promise it won't be elitist.) Cliques are sorted by theme, and navigation is above!

how to join?

1 → pick a clique you like. Or two. Or ten. As many as you like. Go absolutely mad!
2 → put the code on your website, with the information pertinent to you.
3 → that's literally it! No list necessary here. Go forth and join!

Last updated 23 March, 2024: it's a new layout! Please nobody fucking plagiarise it this time around...

Further clique options will be appearing in future updates, and please check out Aromatic, my reboot of a webclique long since lost to time, All The Girls, where you can adopt a Tori Amos song, and Pretty Guardians, where you can choose a Sailor senshi to protect your site ♥